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Cell Group

What is Cell group?

A cell group is a small group of people who meet weekly in someone's home. We aim to help and encourage each other to learn more about faith in a friendly atmosphere

What happens in a cell meeting?

There are four parts to the evening:
  • A welcome time to help us get to know one another
  • A worship time to help us focus on God
  • Then we open the Bible to learn from God's word
  • Finally we think about how we can help each other witness to or share our faith with our friends and families

What if I can't answer the Bible Study Questions?

It isn't like a study, it is more like reading God's word and then working out what it means for each of us in our everyday lives. We try to have these values at heart of all we do:
  • Jesus at the Centre
  • Community
  • Every member serving
  • Sacrificial love
  • Honesty
  • Growing Spiritually
  • Loving the lost

Can anyone go to a cell group?

Yes, you would be most welcome to come along . however, if you are just thinking about Christianity at the moment, going to Alpha group first may be of more help to you.

What are the benefits of joining a cell group?

Those already in cell groups speak about how welcoming and friendly they are. Some share how they are growing in their faith or how they have closer friendships with people who pray for them regularly and help them with practical and spiritual needs. they also feel they are not alone when trying to witness to their friends and family about Jesus

How do you join a cell group?

To find out more please email us

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