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Singing Group

We are a group of lively young people aged between seven and eighteen who form the junior choir within the church. The aims of the group are as follows:

To sing Christian songs about God and his love for us
To contribute to the services each week by assisting the congregation in worshipping God.
To learn how to sing to the best of our ability!
To have fun!

The group meets every Tuesday evening and practice for one hour. During this time songs are rehearsed, one of the group will lead a Bible reading and every practice ends with a prayer time when the prayer book is read out. (During the practice, anyone who wants to, will write prayers in the book - looking back through it, it is amazing how many God has answered!)

The Singing Company will always try to make their music as relevant as possible - sometimes there will be a Bible reading with the song. Other times there may be dance, or projector slides to enhance the message within the song. There have even been a couple of occasions when party poppers and kazoos have been used to liven up songs of celebration!

If you are between the age of seven and eighteen and would be interested in learning more about the group, or would like to come along on a Tuesday evening, please contact us.

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